Is a Roof Inspection a Necessity or a Luxury?

Leaking Roof in Science Library


I’m sure you are familiar with the adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Think of it this way. Would you rather pay for an oil change or an engine replacement in your vehicle? The simple truth is if you don’t change your oil you will replace your engine or your entire vehicle. The same principle applies to your roof. If you leave your 20 or 30-year roof to itself with no inspection, chances are you will be replacing the roof prematurely as well as quite a bit more.

So what do I mean?

Most people do not give their roof a second thought until they see a manifestation of a leak. That manifestation comes in many forms. A water stain on the ceiling. Water dripping from a light fixture. Buckled flooring or wet carpet to name a few. By the time you see the manifestation of a leak on the inside or even the outside of your home the water has penetrated and damaged so much more than just the roof and the ceiling.

Let’s break it down to the multiple aspects of construction in reverse. Let’s start at the roof and work our way down to the ceiling. The hard surface that your roofing material is fastened to is typically a wood product known as sheathing. The sheathing is fastened to another wood product that is part of the structural integrity known as rafters. Another structural element below the rafters are the ceiling joists.  This is a wood product to which the ceiling is fastened. In between the ceiling joists, insulation is installed. Finally attached to the bottom of the ceiling joists in the ceiling. By the time water from a leaking roof has manifested itself in the form of a stain on the ceiling it has traveled through multiple layers of construction. The longer this leak is left unrepaired the more substantial damage is done to the roof structure. Not only does the framework begin to rot but in addition, the insulation loses its R-value and an even greater concern is that mold begins to grow.

Had the roof been inspected and the potential for a leak repaired the outcome, as well as the repair bill, would be substantially different. An ounce of prevention. It’s worth a pound of cure. Change the oil or replace the engine. Repair the roof or …???

So what do you think? Is a roof inspection a luxury or is a roof inspection a necessity? Consider all of the facts as well as the multiple aspects involved. After doing so should you decide the answer to the above question is that a roof inspection is a necessity then it is understood that you will want to choose a reputable contractor to conduct your inspection? In His Hands Contractors would be honored to be your choice. We are your local roofing specialist serving the Chattanooga and surrounding area. We have an A+ BBB rating since 1984, five-star Google reviews, 4.7 star Facebook reviews, five-star Yelp rating, five-star Porch rating, five-star Houzz rating, and we are: Licensed. Insured. Bonded. Your complete satisfaction is our personal goal.

Enough about us. Let’s talk about you. Specifically about your roof. The material on top of your house protecting and shielding the contents of your home from the outside elements. Does your roof need to be inspected?