Atlas (premium)

Architectural Shingles

Need a roof that resists black streaking? One that fights algae? Then you'll want to make the investment in Pinnacle Pristine Architectural Shingles with Scotchguard protectant by 3M. Pinnacle Pristine will protect your home, look beautiful while doing so and offers a transferable warranty should you sell your home.

When you invest in an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System1 like the Pinnacle Pristine, all of the components are designed and backed by an Atlas warranty. In the unlikely event that you ever have a problem with your roof, you have a single company to turn to for support. Unlike many other roofing warranties that promise more than they deliver, Atlas packs value and assurance into an enhanced Premium Protection Period with the installation of an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System. The Premium Protection Period includes:

  • Non-prorated labor and materials
  • Tear off and disposal fees
  • Coverage of the full Atlas product system
  • Transferability