The two different types of metal we install here at In His Hands Contractor’s, Inc. are Standing Seam metal and Tuff Rib metal. Standing Seam metal is a thicker gauge, flat panel with a hidden fastener system and is esthetically more appealing than any other metal roofing. Standing seam metal is the premium metal we recommend for any homeowner that is wanting the look of a metal roof, but not wanting to see the screws and ribs in the panels. A properly installed quality metal roof should seal out water, survive high winds, and easily shed snow. The fact that metal is resistant to fire, mildew, insects, and rot pays off big in longevity. The Tuff-Rib metal is beautiful, cost-effective, and durable. Tuff-Rib metal is available in several different colors and comes with a 40-year paint warranty.

Standing Seam (premium)

Tuff Rib (standard)