Roofing Options: Shingles and Metal

Jonathon and Daniel discuss the pros and cons of different styles of shingle and metal roofing.

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Shingle roofing options are typically asphalt-based and come in a variety of configurations and sizes. This variety in durability and appearance is a big advantage of choosing a shingle style roof as you can often find something more personalized to your home and choose the protection level you desire. The price-point, color, appearance and durability for shingle roofing options can vary widely but our specialists are here to help you pinpoint the best choice for you. 

Metal roofing options are becoming more popular as they offer solid protection and a clean, aesthetic appearance. Metal protects more fully against weather damage than a traditional shingle roof, but usually comes at a higher cost. Metal roofs can potentially be more dangerous as they create a slippery surface. This is something to keep in mind as a homeowner, especially if you find yourself climbing around on your roof to clean your gutters, wash your windows or hang those holiday lights. While product and installation costs are usually higher, the durability and protectiveness of a metal roof will hold up for years to come.

Below, we share several different options for both shingle and metal roofing. Our team is standing by, ready to answer your questions and help you make the best decision for your home or building. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of some of our most popular products!

Shingle Roofing Options


The StormMaster Slate shingle from Atlas is one of the best products on the market. This shingle is asphalt-based and fully algae resistant for the lifetime of the roof. The StormMaster slate shingle carries a class 4 impact rating, meaning it will protect your home from wind, rain, hail damage and likely much more. All of these high-quality features are backed by an Atlas warranty, guaranteeing their effectiveness. The StormMaster Slate shingle does have a higher price tag, but this choice means you are investing in a quality product that looks great and will hold up for years to come.

The Architectural Dimensional shingle is another asphalt-based shingle from Atlas. This is one of the most common, and most popular, products found in roofing today. Backed by a 3M Scotchgard warranty, this option is also fully algae resistant for the lifetime of the roof. This shingle offers more of a craftsman or farmhouse-style look and comes in at an intermediate price point, providing a lot of bang for your buck. The architectural dimensional shingle is a popular option for In His Hands customers.

The Three Tab shingle is three feet wide and around twelve inches high. It is configured differently than other types of shingles and because of that, carries a smaller price tag than other shingle options. These shingles are manufactured as three tabs on a the same shingle, making them less wind resistant than an individually manufactured shingle. Typically, three tab shingles are one or two ply, allowing for more uplift under the shingle than you would experience with a single shingle. Like other options, there are many color choices to match the look of your home and this option will be the least expensive as you look to install or replace a roof.

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Metal Roofing Options


If you are looking to get some estimates for a new roof on your home, specialty metal is a great option and In His Hands offers several different products to fit the bill. Metal options are more weather resistant than the traditional shingle, but usually come at a higher price point for the product itself as well as installation, repair and inspection. 

The Standing Seam roof from Atlas is hands-down the best metal roofing system on the market. This option is created with premium metal and a completely hidden fastener system, creating a beautiful roof aesthetic. Standing seam roofing comes in different gages of metal, providing excellent impact resistance and protecting your home from wind, hail and other nasty elements.

Standing seam roofing comes in a wide variety of colors from solid options to copper roofing plus the ribbing can be spaced anywhere from nine to eighteen inches apart. The hidden fastening system offered by a standing seam roof is not only more beautiful, but also more effective. With traditional face-screwed metal options, fasteners often work their way out over time, creating potential problems. This is not an issue that you will face if you choose a standing seam metal roof.

The downside of the standing seam roof is that it does come at a higher price point and is a complicated, intricate system. Most roofing companies and contractors out there are not fully equipped to properly install this type of roof according to manufacturer specifications. When looking to install a standing seam roof, be sure that you have a well-equipped, well-educated contractor who is fully prepared to handle this type of roof installation. 

The Tuff-Rib metal roof is another popular metal roofing option. Sometimes called master rib, classic rib or corrugated roofing, this style is an economical option that provides a great aesthetic and good protection. Tuff rib roofing comes in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to match it to your specifications. The tuff rib roof does have an exposed fastener system, meaning screws can start to back out, pulling your roofing away from the structure. This will call for more frequent thorough inspections of your roof, especially around the 15 year mark.

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Making a Choice


There are a lot of great options out there when you are looking to install or replace your roof. We here at In His Hands want to ensure that you are able to make a well-informed decision so that you end up with the best possible product for your needs.  Check out our Roofing Buyers Guide for more guidance or contact us today. Hopefully, the information here will help you to do your research!

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