Company History and Values

In 2014, the Wyatt brothers – Jonathan, Josh and Daniel – joined forces with their father, Ron Wyatt, to become a full-service roofing company. The Wyatt brothers grew up working with their father. They learned a lot about roofing and construction, gained some sub-contractor experience and took part in building a large scale construction company here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After gaining so much knowledge and experience, the Wyatts decided to branch off in a new direction and pour into In His Hands, building up a family business that has strong core values. 

Like any other business, In His Hands has had it’s challenges but is going strong. “We’re blessed to say we’re a thriving company. We’re an innovative company. On a daily basis, we are striving to see how we can better inform and better assist our clients to give them a product that they are proud of and one that we are proud to stand behind,” says Daniel. In His Hands Contractors values quality, transparency, and complete customer satisfaction and always goes above and beyond to deliver their values through each and every project. Learn more about our company and how we strive to provide quality products and service each and every day.

There’s more to your roof than just shingles and metal…

Below that pristine roofing surface are many key components to a secure, water-tight roof, quality roof. This includes things such as ice and water shield, inspection of the perimeters, corners and valleys, the underlayment and so many others. Our experts make sure that each of these small pieces come together in the perfect way so that you receive a quality product, quality service and a roof that you can rely on to protect your home and family for years to come.  

Quality Over Quantity

Here at In His Hands, we highly emphasize quality over quantity. Sometimes, this means we work at a slower, but steady pace. We always ensure that each job is a job well-done. We oversee every single aspect of every single job, letting nothing slips through the cracks. Our Atlas products are backed by a guaranteed warranty and we back that up with our company because we want you to be covered, physically and financially.

There are several consistent contractors assigned to each job so that nothing is overlooked in the roofing process. For us, it’s not about putting a roof on as quickly as possible, turning a profit and getting out. Instead, it’s always about ensuring that we deliver the highest quality products and service each and every time. 

Complete Transparency

If you request a quote or estimate from In His Hands, you will receive an extremely detailed outline of the process, including the underlay, the warranties, and the type of shingle or roofing you have chosen plus so much more. We go beyond just providing this information and always invite you to ask questions about our products, our service, your estimate and anything else that comes to mind. We want to ensure that you are fully confident in what you are getting and will go above and beyond to ensure that happens!

Complete Customer Satisfaction

Whether you use our company for a full roof installation or a simple roof repair, we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. When our contractors are out in the field working on your project, they will look to interact with customers. Our contractors ask questions and will request them from you to be certain that we are covering every single aspect of the job we are doing for you. We strive to provide the products and service that we would hope to receive ourselves. 

Project Priority

Here at In His Hands, we finish one project before beginning a new one. In the roofing and construction industry, there are always new requests coming in to start other projects while in the middle of current ones. Many times, contractors may begin a new project before completing the current project. Unfortunately, this often means that pieces of each project may fall through the cracks and may leave the client feeling like they are low on the priority list. 

From the time we break ground on a project, that job becomes our focus and completing it thoroughly becomes our mission. We don’t leave behind a current project, but instead devote our full, undivided attention to finishing that job the right way. This guarantee is often included in our contracts and can give you full confidence in our dedication to the job.

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