A Quality Roof from the Deck Up

Atlas Signature Select Warranty 

The warranty that comes along with this roofing system is one of the very best in the industry. With a lifetime algae resistance warranty and an attention to detail neglected by others in the roofing industry, this warranty truly covers all facets of any damage to or manufacturer issues with your roof.

Algae Resistance

The appearance of your roof accounts for around 60% of your home’s curb appeal. Blue-green algae growing on your roof causes black streaks and staining, leaving a negative impression of your home. Every Atlas shingle that is part of the Signature Select System is embedded with copper ions that prevent algae from growing on your roof and is the only product in the market with a lifetime resistance warranty. All other systems have at most a 15-year warranty that is typically pro-rated as time goes on. With the Signature Select Warranty, Atlas will come and thoroughly clean your roof or replace your roof entirely in the unlikely event that algae does start to grow. 

All Aspects are Covered

There are many companies and products that offer a 30 to 50-year warranty on their products, but the attention to detail can easily be overlooked. The Atlas warranty covers everything from start to finish, so if there is a manufacturer issue or defect, you don’t have to wonder who will cover the haul-off bill and can rest assured that the cost of materials and labor will be covered under your warranty.

Roof System From the Deck Up

There are many things that go into the proper installation of a Signature Select Roofing System to ensure that your home and family are protected for years to come. In His Hands Contractors thoroughly works through every part of the roof installation, guaranteeing that it’s done right. Read on to learn more about the process below.

Step 1: Remove Old Roofing Material… down to the Decking

Properly removing the current roofing material all the way down to the decking should be the first step in any roof replacement. In His Hands ensures that your roof will be built on a solid foundation by removing the asphalt shingle roof and inspecting decking for any rot, loose nails or other issues. This thorough inspection creates the most solid starting point as the new roof goes onto your home!

Step 2: Apply WeatherMaster Ice and Water Shield

This high temperature ice and water shield goes into all the valleys, transition points, crooks and crannies of your roof. When applying, In His Hands contractors are sure to get the product deep into any cracks or creases to prevent any water or weather damage to your decking. This is the first step in creating a solid seal on your roof!

Step 3: Install Summit 60 Underlayment

The underlayment is a vapor barrier between the shingle and the decking of your roof. It works to keep any moisture from the back of the shingle from getting to the decking. Summit 60 underlayment is a synthetic felt underlayment that is substantially stronger than the typical 15 pound or 30 pound felt, giving your roof decking more protection. 

Something that is often overlooked is the benefit of this layer during the roofing process. Since your roof is completely exposed during this time, adding this higher quality underlayment protects your decking even during the process so that you don’t encounter any damage from high winds, rain, hail or other weather issues.

Step 4: Add the ProCut Starter Strip

The traditional method for starting the shingle installment process is to take a three tab shingle or architectural shingle and flip it backwards as a start to the process. These shingles don’t have an adhesive and never quite create a full seal for your roof, leaving you susceptible to wind damage amongst other things.

The ProCut Starter Strip goes on first, before the actual shingles, to ensure that you have a sealed edge. This is applied all the way around the perimeter of your roof and comes with a wind warranty to help protect you in the case of wind damage. The seal-down strip on this product prevents wind uplift and fill any gaps between shingle edges in the way the traditional method cannot. 

Step 5: Install Atlas Designer Shingles

Atlas manufactures four different lines of designer shingles to choose from with your Signature Select Roofing System. 

  • StormMaster Slate – High Wind and Impact Resistant Shingles
  • StormMaster Shake – High Wind and Impact Resistant Shingles
  • GlassMaster – Performance Fiberglass Shingles
  • Pinnacle Pristine – High Performance Architectural Shingles

The Pinnacle Pristine shingle is our most highly recommended product. It comes with a ScotchGard warranty and gives a strong, durable roof with a sleek appearance. We would all put it on our own houses and it’s the highest value product you’ll find for the price!

Step 6: Set Up Proper Ventilation

When heat is trapped in your attic, it can lead to shingle burning or damage from the inside. The setup of a proper ventilation system is important for a few reasons. The ventilation intake is normally a vented soffit system and the exhaust is typically found at the ridge of your roof. Box vents and power vents are decent options, but a ridge vent system is the most effective, efficient way to ensure your roof is properly vented. Not only will this keep the heat out of your attic, but it can also help to lower your utility bills.

Step 7: Add ProCut Hip and Ridge Elements

The hip and ridge roofing elements cover any places in your roof where the shingles meet at a ridge to give the roof a finished look and ensure a full seal. In His Hands contractors properly install these elements as the final step in installing the Signature Select Roofing System.

More than Just Shingles

Understanding more about how the Signature Select Roofing System works can go a long way to help answer questions about the process and product you are getting. Here at In His Hands, we guarantee quality products and pricing and put a huge emphasis on the service you receive throughout every roof repair or installation process. We work through each of the steps, drawing on the skills of our experienced contractors and solid team to ensure that you will have a long-lasting, protective, beautiful roof for your home!

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