Autumn Roof And Gutter Inspection – Don’t Skip This Step

Cooler fall temperatures will be arriving before you know it. So now is the best time to start planning for the things that will need attention around your home. Pumpkin Spice Latte aside, the most important thing during the fall is making sure that your house and home are ready for the upcoming changes in weather.

A short list of things to consider would include things like:

  • Bringing in all your outdoor furniture
  • Draining your external faucets
  • Winterizing your pool
  • Fertilizing your lawn
  • Storing window screens

But there are some things that don’t immediately come to mind that are no less important, like changing the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and changing the filters in your HVAC system.

It is also a great time to check your roof, gutters and downspouts. This may be a chore best left to a professional, especially if your house is multi-storied. No need to risk a fall when we can handle this for you quickly and efficiently.

Checking for loose or missing shingles, gutters that may have pulled away from the house or flashing that has deteriorated and may be ready to cause a leak are critical to the protection of your largest investment, your home.

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