I Think I have Algae Or Mold On My Roof. What Can I Do?

Just as road dirt and leaves collect on your roof and in your gutters, there is something a little more creepy that can develop on your roof if left to its own devices. We’re talking about an unsightly living organism, that does eventually die, leaving dark streaks on your otherwise beautiful roof. We’re talking today about Algae.

A roof may develop one of several different types of algae, lichen, and fungi as bacteria take over. The most common is a blue-green algae that can continue to grow, die and cycle through for years until you have a professional eradicate it.

What Exactly Is Algae?

Algae is a nonflowering aquatic plant that does not have roots or leaves like other plants. Roof algae develops best under certain environmental conditions. It thrives in humid atmospheres, where heat and moisture are high. Algae grows the fastest in shady, damp areas and needs nutrients to continue surviving on your home.

Unfortunately for a lot of homeowners, the limestone filler in most roofing shingles provides the exact nutrients that algae spores love. The inorganic materials found in your roof will allow the algae to survive, spread, and darken. A new roof, under the right circumstances, can be completely engulfed by algae in just four years.

Most cases of roof algae or fungus start with a single spore finding its way to your home. The wind can blow a spore onto your roof or a bird may carry it on the wing, and from there it will take off if the conditions are right. Rain can increase the chances of algae development, but it doesn’t even need rain if there is enough humidity in the air. Overhanging branches, clogged gutters, standing water, a porous roofing material, and poor roof ventilation can also aid in the spread of roof algae. Taking steps to clear your roof of common issues can help you stay ahead of algae growth.

The only true way to completely prevent algae, is to have a full roof replacement with 100% algae resistant shingles that come with a lifetime warranty like the Atlast Pinnacle Pristine shingles we offer at In His Hands Roofing & Contracting. But the best place to start is with a professional roof inspection to see if your algae problem can be cleaned away first. Give us a call at (423) 637-4265 for an inspection today, that may prevent expensive algae problems tomorrow.

Algae or Mold