Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Gutters When Installing A New Roof

If you have plans on replacing your roof anytime soon, you might wonder if you also should replace the gutters while you are at it. If your insurance provider is funding your roof replacement yet not the gutters, you seriously should give consideration to taking on that additional expense anyway. But, if the gutters work okay and you legitimately can anticipate another 10 years or so of trouble-free use, that is another story. replacing gutters when installing new roofIn general, replacing them simultaneously will save you trouble and money in the long-term. Here is why:

Drip Edge Guarantee:

In order for water to run off of the roof directly inside the gutters, installers nail bent sheet metal strips over the corner of the roof and inside the gutters. It’ll prevent the water which cavitates back up underneath the shingles from rotting the fascia boards and decking or getting into the attic. Most old gutter systems have a lip which slips beneath the shingles at the eave, which eliminates the necessity for the drip edge. If you leave these gutters in place while the roof job is being done, replacing the gutters on a later date poses a big problem.

Save Headaches and Money:

If you have remodeled any area of your home, you already understand that the process might wear you out. Gutter and roof replacements also can take their toll on your comfort, though they occur outside the house. In combining the gutter and roof work, you’ll save money and extra hassle. Since In His Hands contractors also installs gutter covers and gutters, the expenses may be wrapped up into one bill. It’ll save you from wrangling yet another contractor, as well as paying the overhead price on two different projects.

Easy Color Coordination:

Lastly, when you arrange both projects together, it’s possible to easily match the gutter color to the new roof. Gutters are available in a variety of factory paint colors. Similarly, roof systems provide many colors. In His Hands contractors supplies you with samples of both gutters and roofs in order for you to compare them side by side. If you separate the projects, you eventually may have to climb a ladder to hold samples up for the best color choice.