Roof Replacement Vs Roof Repair

Below, In His Hands Contractors, Inc. lists seven factors you should consider in determining whether to replace or repair your roof: roof replacement vs roof repair

1. The age of a roof is one of the most critical considerations. The majority of asphalt shingles have a life of around 15 to 30 years. If roofing is damaged yet the majority of it is still in good condition, a spot repair might make sense. However, if your roof is approaching twenty years old, replacing it might be the best way to go in the long run.

2. If there is a leak somewhere, a home inspection will help in determining how widespread it is. Roofs frequently leak alongside flashing points. If that has happened, and the leak is isolated, a fast repair might be all that’s needed. If a roof has leaks in multiple places, a replacement might be in order.

3. Consider how long you want to be in your home. If you have plans on selling in the next couple of years, and the roof is in great shape, you should probably just repair it.

4. If you choose to replace the roof, you might have the ability to incorporate eco-friendly features which qualify for federal or local tax credits to offset the expense. In addition, new materials generally last longer, are more energy efficient, and perform better; therefore, an upgrade is desirable in the long run.

5. If you are replacing the roof, you might find that the quality and/or type of roofing material used may qualify you for substantial discounts on your insurance policy. Materials which are more resistant to hail, wind, or fire damage often results in reduced rates.

6. Removing the old shingles, at the same time, allows you to inspect the roof sheathing or deck, and add an ice-and-water-shield membrane alongside the eaves.

7. If considering roof replacement, do not forget to think about “hidden costs”, which includes gutter replacement. Reputable roofing contractors will generate a comprehensive estimate that details all the project’s costs.

Repairs are more affordable but usually are more of a short-term option, whereas a new roof is a huge expense yet should last for decades. If you have any questions give the professionals at In His Hands a call today (423) 637-4265.