Finding A Trustworthy Roofing Contractor

In His Hands Contractors believes in honesty, integrity, and transparency when it comes to our customers and providing roofing contracting services. We are competitive in pricing and always work to give 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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That is what we want to talk about this month – finding a qualified contractor for your home. It is easy to search the Internet for a contractor, but there is more to it than simply picking one and going with it. Here are the tips we recommend when looking for a contractor.

1. References – At the conclusion of each job, we ask our customers if we can use them for a reference. Most are more than willing to share any information about our work and service. A contractor that is not willing to share references with you is not a contractor you want working in or on your home.

2. Licensed and insured – We are a business. We have a business license and are willing to provide a copy on request. The same is said for insurance. A contractor lacking either one is not a contractor you will want to do business with.

3. Any sort of early payment – In our line of work, we are paid when done. This means we are completely out of your home, yard, roof and the like. There is no garbage or trash left behind either. Advance payment can be a tactic used to scam people out of money. It’s not always the case, but there are unfortunate incidents where contractors take payment, leave town, and head for another city to scam other unsuspecting homeowners out of money.

4. No quote – We strive to provide an honest quote and stand by it. Some will give you an incredibly cheap quote but add onto it as the job progresses because of “unforeseen issues.” This is a scam.

At In His Hands Contractors, our roofing specialists are dedicated to doing what is best by our customers. We are always willing to provide you a quote on services and would be honored to work with you on your home renovation project.