What Are The Benefits Of Metal Roofing

Spring is here, and it’s the ideal time to tackle the roof replacement you’ve been putting off. Have you considered the option of metal roofing? Here’s a look at reasons why some homeowners hire our team to install a metal roof.

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Metal benefits

Metal lasts. When we say it lasts, there are metal roofs that have 50+ years on them, and they still look as good today as they did when first put up. Standard asphalt roofs have a lifespan of maybe 30 years, and replacement is around the corner at that point.

  • Metal is considerably lighter than asphalt. Asphalt shingles weigh approximately 750 lbs. per 100 square feet. Metal comes in at 50 to 150 lbs.
  • Metal goes up quickly and easily. Most metal roofing does not require older roofing materials to be stripped off and replaced. Lay the metal down on the existing roof and screw in. It is that simple.
  • Fire resistant. It is metal. This means the best possible fire rating – Class A.

Despite its wonderful qualities, metal does have its drawbacks.

Metal is more expensive than asphalt. You will earn your money back over the years, but the initial investment is a big one when it comes to a new roof.

Dents are common, particularly for those who live near and around golf courses. The only solution in the case of a dent is replacement. Replacement brings us to

Matching colors. Roofing colors are not easily matched after a period of time. If you need to replace part of the roof, you may have two mismatched colors. It is unsightly, particularly if you are thinking of selling the home at some point in the future.

There are lots more things you can consider when selecting a roof, and our roofing experts here at In His Hands Contractors are more than happy to discuss your options during a free, no obligation consultation. We stand by our quality materials and craftsmanship. Reach out when you are ready for a quote on a new roof.