What Are the Best Colors for Roofs?

roofing colors

Getting a brand-new roof is such an exciting time! It is an opportunity to fully revamp the appearance of your house. However, since it’s a decision you’ll live with for a long period of time, you’ll want to do your homework! Where do you begin? Here are some things you should consider before you make your final decision.

Climate you live in. The color of the shingles may impact the temperature of an attic by 20 degrees to 40 degrees! It might make a huge difference in the cooling or heating expense of your house. Lighter shingles deflect sunlight and assist in keeping temperatures down in warmer climates, whereas darker shingles absorb warmth and assist homes in staying hot in cooler climates. In addition, dark shingles help ice and snow on the roof melt more quickly.

Color coordinate with colors that are found elsewhere in the trim, stucco, wooden siding, or bricks on your house. For instance, a black or dark gray roof looks great with a blue or gray home, whereas a tan, cream, or brown colored home goes better with brown shingles or mix of brown and cream. Yellow, red, green or other shades offer more flexibility and may be accented by black, gray, or brown.

Keep in mind the colors of your house and your architectural style. Dark hues make a house appear smaller and lighter hues make a house appear bigger.

Whether or not you “make a statement” and choose an odd color combo with your house or if you have the desire to be more traditional.

Community considerations like subdivision covenants and rules and homeowner’s association.

It also is great if your roof does not precisely match or clash with your neighbor’s roof.

Availability of colors in your region should be a consideration because the brand/color you want might not be obtainable in your locality.

Before choosing a roof color call a roofing pro, like our team at In His Hands Contractors. You pick the color and we will give you a high-quality installation that keeps your house gorgeous and safeguarded from the weather elements for years into the future. Call us at (423) 637-4265 today for a free quote.