How to Maintain your Roof

maintaining your roofReplacing or repairing your roof may be costly. Spending some time every six months closely looking at your roof may assist in identifying opportunities for roof maintenance which will aid in preventing expensive repairs later on. It also is vital that you occasionally check your homeowner’s insurance to ensure that severe roof damage is covered by the policy.

Maintaining your roof: What to look for

It is crucial to inspect the roof every fall and spring. An excellent time to do this is as you are cleaning the gutters.

  • Search for curling, damaged, or missing shingles and any additional indications of wear and tear. It is inexpensive and easy to replace a couple of shingles, or hire somebody to do the job for you.
  • Look for indications of algae or fungus. If the roof is beginning to gather algae or moss, install lead or zinc control strips.
  • Evaluate metal spaces for rust. If it is there, wire brush the rust and prime then paint the metal.
  • Assess the flashing to ensure that it is solid. If it isn’t, remove all the old caulk then scrub the space clean prior to resealing.
  • Seal all cracked caulking or mortar that surrounds the chimneys and joints, if it looks like it’s deteriorating.

If you witness any indications of leaks, like dark spots on your ceiling, or dampness or mold in the attic, immediately take action. Roof leaks only grow worse, not better, and it is best to spend money on maintaining the roof instead of a lot on a huge repair.

Additional roof maintenance problems

  • Blow off or sweep excessive debris on your roof. Leaves, sticks and additional debris may cause algae to grow, damage shingles, and ultimately clog your gutters.
  • Trim all branches hanging over your roof to prevent further damage and keep raccoons and squirrels away.
  • A thick snow accumulation layer might lead to a collapse of the roof. If that happens, pull the snow carefully off of the roof with a snow rake.

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