Roofing Underlayment: Why is it Important?

roofing underlaymentThe kind of underlayment utilized on the roof can make a substantial impact on its ability to ward off ice, snow, and rain. There are three main kinds of roofing underlayment utilized on residential houses, which includes rubberized asphalt underlayment, non-bitumen synthetic underlayment, and asphalt-saturated felt. While each kind works a bit differently, all 3 act as a moisture barrier and additional layer of protection for the roof. It’s a fact that shingles offer the initial line of defense against the intrusion of water, but shingles overlap and aren’t sealed on all sides. This is why you should have underlayment.


Rubberized underlayment resembles sheets of rubber once it’s installed. This kind of underlayment gets installed right onto the roof deck utilizing specialized adhesive. While there are several benefits of utilizing rubberized underlayment, one main one is its flexibility. This aspect permits the material to appropriately adapt to both hot and cold weather.

What’ll make rubberized underlayment one-of-a-kind is the features that it’ll offer. In addition to giving homeowners improved waterproofing abilities, the underlayment offers fiberglass reinforcement and efficient sound absorption. If a leak in the roof should happen during any point, rubberized asphalt also can be patched to keep you from replacing all the underlayment.


Synthetic underlayment is a more modern-day technology which has a variety of benefits over conventional saturated underlayment. Besides being up to six times lighter than saturated roofing underlayment, synthetic goods also are three times stronger. The majority of synthetic underlayment is built from durable polypropylene fabric, making it more water-resistant than the saturated version. But, it also is more expensive.


For many decades, asphalt-saturated felt has been utilized by contractors. The common underlayment often is utilized on steep slope systems as it’s effective and affordable. Saturated roofing underlayment is simple to install and may last for several years because of its high tear strength.

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