Why Do Homeowners Need Roofing Underlayment?

Roof UndelaymentYou might be wondering if you actually have to have roofing underlayment or if it’s possible to get by without it. Most houses do require roofing underlayment that protects against the elements. Underlayment essentially creates a barrier between your home and the elements all year long. Let’s look at some other benefits:

Creates a Uniform Look

Underlayment gives your roof a smooth surface for shingles. It’ll allow you to craft a uniform appearance with your roof shingles. No matter which kind of underlayment you select for your roof, having that additional layer under the shingles enables you to conceal any uneven spaces that might be present in the roof deck. Without that barrier, those spaces would probably be noticeable if you placed the shingles right on the roof deck. Though you aren’t able to see the roofing underlayment after the roof shingles are placed, the material layer is important if you want to develop a polished appearance.

Protects the Roof From the Elements

Roof underlayment acts as a critical weather barrier for the roof. You already understand that the roof is made to give your family and home protection from the elements. But, what might happen if some of the shingles blew off the roof during a windstorm? Without roof underlayment, the roof deck might be prone to damage. Roof underlayment assists in keeping ice, snow, and rain from penetrating the deck of the roof and ultimately entering your house. Underlayment will stay water-resistant and strong until you have the ability to replace any lost shingles.

Occasionally Required

Depending on where you live, roofing underlayment isn’t just a recommendation – it’s required. Within many regions, there are regulators in the area that govern whether roofing underlayment is necessary and which kind you need based upon climate and additional factors. Check the laws in your area to figure out if underlayment is necessary in your locality and which kind is needed.

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