4 Tips for Removing Roof Debris

Living on a wooded lot comes with nice perks such as serene settings and added privacy. Unfortunately, overtime and especially when strong winds and storms blow in, those trees can deposit an excessive amount of leaves, twigs, pinecones, and more. It’s important to delicately deal with roof debris to avoid damaging shingles, roofing underlayment and gutters. It’s a good idea to hire a professional, but if you plan to tackle the task yourself, here are four tips for removing roof debris:

Get The Timing Right

Since extracting debris from a roof typically requires someone to climb onto it, you’ll want to make sure the conditions are safe to do so. So, start by picking the proper day. Do not attempt to remove debris during windy or rainy conditions, as this could increase the risk of injury due to the potential for loss of traction on a ladder or roof itself.

Use a Blower to Remove Light Debris from the Roof

A leaf blower can help make removing leaves, twigs, and additional light debris an easy task. Blowers can quickly clear off the debris without damaging the roof. If you don’t own a blower, homeowners have the option of renting a leaf blower. If you’re not accustomed to handling a leaf blower, keep in mind it can have a little kickback. It’s a good idea to get familiar with the blower’s power before using it on the roof.

Consider an Algae Solution

After cleaning your gutters and roof, consider applying a preventative algae treatment. When left untreated, algae stains roofs and can make them slippery and harder to maintain. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions that can be applied to the roof to help it resist algae growth. If you’re looking for a more long term solution, consider investing in algae resistant Pinnacle Pristine Architectural Shingles

Inspect the Roof

When you finish cleaning the roof, take time to inspect shingles and assess any potential damage. Loose shingles should be repaired by an expert. Additalay, if you notice any excessive wear on your roof, it’s a good idea to call a professional roofing company to perform an evaluation and check for potential leaks.

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