Can You Still Live In Your Home While Your Roof Is Being Replaced?

House Roof Replacement

If you need a roof replacement, you likely have a long list of questions you would like to ask roofing companies you are researching. As a Chattanooga area roofing contractor, one of the top questions we’re often asked is “ Can I still live in my home while my roof is being replaced?” This is certainly an important question, considering you’ll need to factor in additional expenses such as temporary lodging if the answer is “No”. The truth of the matter is, it depends on the full level of work that needs to be performed. We are happy to share though that in the overwhelming majority of instances, our clients are able to remain in their home while our team installs their new roof.

That being said, roof installation can be a bit noisy. So if you work from home and have a conference call scheduled, the hammering of nails could make it difficult to lead calls or concentrate in your home office. Another consideration, if you have little ones at home that require naps or pets that are easily disturbed by sound, you may wish to shift schedules around so you’re out of the house during this part of the process. A courteous contractor will let you know when you can expect the noise level to be high so you can make arrangements, if and when they are needed.

So, what can you expect when our team at In His Hands Roofing Contractors installs your new roof? Read on to learn more.

Peace of Mind and Predictability

We believe any roofing contractor should take every effort to ensure that you and your family are safe and secure while your new roof is being installed. Roof installation will require crews to be on the roof, and in/out of the yard/driveway, but should not affect your everyday living. In fact, the right company will go above and beyond to make sure you are aware of everything that will go on while the new roof is being installed. This includes:

  • when materials will be dropped off
  • what time crews will arrive
  • when you can expect the work to be completed
  • what, if anything, may delay project progress

At In His Hands Roofing Contractors, when we install a new roof, we take every precaution to make sure homeowners are informed every step of the way. Each member of our team strives to provide a one of a kind service through exceptional quality workmanship and a level of professionalism that helps make the experience stress free. When you choose our Chattanooga area roofing company, you can rest assured that your complete satisfaction is our top priority. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at 423-637-4265 .