Your Roof and Other Home Components

The professionals at In His Hands Contractors are very experienced and know exactly how your roof and other home components should fit and work together in order to ensure the best protection for you and your family. 

While your roof is a very important part of your home, it is just one piece of the puzzle. Whenever you select a contractor to handle your roof, it’s important to be sure that  they are licensed, bonded and insured but it’s equally important to find someone who is a well-rounded, knowledgeable contractor. You want to choose someone with a general contractor’s license who knows all the different parts of your home, understands how to tie them together properly and knows how to prioritize installations for the best possible results. 

A few examples of things that our contractors here at In His Hands look out for when installing a new roof or doing a roof repair are window and door height, ventilation, insulation and siding. We always work to guarantee that your roof and other home components will mesh seamlessly!

Your Roof and Windows

One of the first things we want to do is make sure that any windows or doors of the home are not set too close to the roofline. Doing this properly ensures that your new roofing material doesn’t interfere with your windows in any way. If the window and roofline are too close together, they can pose a potential leak hazard down the road for either your roof, your windows or both. Paying attention to these details during the new roof install will save you the risk and the time and money it would cost to repair an issue like that.

Your Roof and Ventilation

The type of ventilation you choose for your home is also very important to the overall quality of your new roof. This depends on the type of insulation in your home as well. For example, if you choose a spray-foam insulation, there is no need to install a ridge vent on the top of your roof. The various pieces of your roof and other home components must be put together properly and we’re here to make sure that always happens!

Learn more about ventilation and other important roofing components in A Quality Roof from the Ground Up.

Are New Gutters Necessary?

Your Roof and a New Drip Edge

Your gutters are important. And installing new gutters is something you want done the right way, the first time. A key component to building a new roof and installing new gutters is the drip edge. This edge is a metal component that lies between the shingles and the fascia board and counters the gutters to ensure that any water running off the eave drips where you want – into your gutter, through the downspouts and away from your home.

Anytime you do a full roof replacement, we strongly encourage you to replace your gutters as well. If you choose not to, the process is much more complicated, requiring you to snip the gutter brackets in order to install the new roof. This causes water infiltration in those areas which in turn can begin to rot out your fascia board, your soffit and can begin to work its way into your home. These parts of your new roof and other home components are designed to protect your home, but only if they are installed correctly and work well together!

Consider WHY You’re Replacing the Roof

Whether choosing a shingle or metal option, homeowners typically decide to replace their roofs out of necessity. They start considering replacements because the current roof has reached the end of its life at 15+ years old. 

Fifteen years ago, when that original roof was installed, gutters were sized differently than they typically are today. Most gutters are now 6” wide, but if your roof is over ten years old, it’s likely that your current gutters are only 5’ wide. This size disparity can cause issues because the smaller gutters aren’t designed to hold enough water to prevent run over which will again lead to water infiltration and damage. Those 6” gutters are also easier to keep clean of debris, saving you the time and effort of cleaning them again and again!

Your New Roof and Siding

It’s best when searching for a roofing contractor to ensure that they have a general contractor’s license and specific roofing experience and expertise. General contractors will have well-rounded knowledge of your home as a whole, including the purpose of every part and how all the parts coordinate and work together. 

Working with a roofer who knows nothing about these other pieces can lead to some very major things being overlooked, especially during a new install. Here at In His Hands, we not only understand these other components, but also work directly with other contractors directly to guarantee the best results for you. 

The In His Hands Method

For every project we do, In His Hands Contractors provides a 10-year written labor warranty. This guarantees that your project will be done right from the start and we will put all of the pieces together in the best way possible. When working on projects that require a new roof install as well as siding installation, we coordinate our process and schedule with siding contractors to ensure that the installation process is completed in the correct order and in the best possible way.

Typically, there is a lower part of your roof that ties directly into one of your exterior walls – a porch, an awning, etc. In those areas specifically, if you install the roof before the siding, the siding guys will come in and walk all over that nice, new roof, increasing the chance of damage and other issues. 

We prefer to have the siding contractors to come in first, set up their scaffolding and install most of the siding, leaving only a couple of rows left at the top. Once that’s complete, we can come in and complete the roof installation with no interference and add the flashings properly on the sheathing so they will run behind the siding at the appropriate point and keep your house protected. Once this is complete, the siding contractors can come back in and add the final runs of siding with no scaffolding and no damage to your new siding or your new roof.

Remodeling with Siding

Completing a roof remodel of your home requires a critical eye and a different process than installing a new roof and new siding on your home. When remodeling, In His Hands contractors are thorough in assessing how the siding meets the roof and evaluating the steps we need to take to seal any gaps between the current siding and the new roof.

Our contractors work through and mark any areas that need attention. Once they’ve all been found, we will install in-wall metal or step flashing against the headwall or unwell to prevent water damage. From there, we add either a freeze board with a drip cap to preserve aesthetics or a harding board finish that will prevent dripping. This thorough process ensures your roof will hold up to water damage for years to come!

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